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Since 2009 Decowall has established itself as the online place to go to buy the best quality artistic wall designs, and home improvement wall/ window products, that can add a little magic and style to your home or business.

All of our stickers are carefully designed by a team of talented artists who are always busy adding new collections every season as you can view at our store.

At Decowall, we use only the highest quality materials and latest printing methods for our easy-to-apply stickers and our wallpaper and window films are stylish, elegant, durable, affordable, and will surely enhance your dream home or workspace.

Our impressive range of products is simple to stick and remove, do not leave a mark afterwards, and versatile so you can add your own creative style and personality to the way you design your room with Decowall products.

Children love stickers, and we are a market leader in kids stickers; whether you're looking for something fun, cute or educational we have 100's of the best designs you will find anywhere and great value. We ensure our decals are easy to apply and durable with revolutionary adhesive technology minimizing the damages on the wall and safe to use in your home. Also, they are not only a style booster to your home but also a great learning material for kids.

If you are looking for a major transformation to your walls and furniture, at low cost, we can help with your design ideas. You may already have seen our Infeel products already on Channel 4's hit show Celebrity Big Brother and featured in The Guardian lifestyle magazine.

Our high-quality interior film, Infeel can be used in a variety of ways, even to refurbish old/second-hand furniture, and can create the perfect atmosphere with our modern and professional eye-catching designs. Infeel is also a durable non-scratch product with excellent UV durability and this professional grade product is far better quality then other brands you will find elsewhere.  

Many of our home improvement products can be used on walls and windows and we have the best quality and best prices/ deals on the internet and you can rely on us to provide you with orders large or small so get in touch with us today and make your wall a Decowall.

Decowall continues to build a great reputation for its products worldwide, and aim to deliver high standards of customer service and more creative ideas in the future.

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*Decowall is an offical distributor of Hyundae Sheet, FIXPIX in Europe

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